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1. AV-JEFE VER900 Professional Stereo DJ Headphone

VER900 is a closed type stereo headphone designed for DJ, broadcasters, musicians and music lovers as well as any applications where no sound must leak from the headphone. It is highly appreciated by recording studio, live sound, TV sound and broadcast engineers. VER900 utilizes a 57-millimeterdynamic driver and neodymium magnet for superior sound reproduction. Its soft earpads offer long hours of completely natural listening experience while its soft-padded head band can be adjusted to fit any head size for easy-wearing.

2. AV-JEFE VANC700 Active Noise-Canceling Stereo Headphone

VANC700 is designed to cancel out the sound of airplanes, buses, and other sources of aural aggravation. It enables you to hear every note in your personal soundtrack without blowing out your eardrums. It adopts "active" noise cancellation technology to detect ambient noise and add the opposite sonic to eliminate most of it.

3. AV-JEFE 6308T8 Lapel (Lavalier) Microphone Clip

Diameter: 6.2mm              


4. AV-JEFE 6308T2 Lapel (Lavalier) Microphone Clip

Diameter: 4.8mm


5. AV-JEFE 6308T3 Lavalier Clip

Diameter: 5.8mm


6. AV-JEFE A6001A1 Windscreen: Ø92(OD) x Ø42(ID) x 120 mm


7. AV-JEFE 6001D2 Windscreen: Ø43(OD) x Ø20(ID) x 66 mm


8. AV-JEFE 6001D1 Windscreen: Ø64(OD) x Ø35(ID) x 68 mm


9. AV-JEFE 6001P4 Windscreen: Ø20(OD) x Ø7(ID) x 30 mm



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